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BPSC Result - Bihar Public Service CommissionBPSC Result (Bihar Public Service Commission) can be checked from or from Exam Result Hub itself.BPSC Result - Check All BPSC ResultsClick Here to access BPSC Result PageResults powered by Exam Result HubYou may be also interested in IBPS ResultYou may be also interested in MPSC ResultBPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission)The first Public Service Commission was the result of the freedom movement against the British Government by Indians. In all administrative sectors the British appointed the Indians in clerical posts not considering their qualifications. The Indians were only a mechanical tool in the hands of the British Empire. They were successful in this mission. Gradually the Indian leaders felt the insult of the British in their working areas. This led to a new agitation for a new proposal. The proposal was the need for an independent Public Service Commission. Though a Commission started functioning in 1926 because of its restricted statutory rule prompted the Indians to move against the British. A new Federal Public Service Commission came into existence with more liberal aspects. This was under the control of the Government of India Act 1935. This Federal Public Service Commission took charge of the area of its jurisdiction. This was later endowed with a constitutional status and was changed to Public Service Commission.On the eve of BPSC after being separated from the Commissions of Madhya Pradesh and Orissa and on April1st 1949, started its work as an independent institute of the Bihar State. It was endowed with a statutory status on 26th of January 1950. It was headquartered in Ranchi which was shifted to Patna in 1951. Thus speaking authoritatively Bihar Public Service Commission emerged out in 1949. BPSC is a state institute accountable for recruiting the vacancies under the state government posts. The selection procedure may include exams and interview, or exams, or interview, or screening tests and interview, or through promotions and transfer processes. Shortly, the recruiting procedures follow two processes namely direct recruitment and promotion. It is the direct recruitment which involves exams and interviews as said above. In all these aspects the Commission takes over the overall responsibility. In case of mere promotions or transfer the government seeks the advice of the Commission solely and in accord with it. BPSC is frequently consulted by the government in particular cases such as:Promotion of officers in the civil rank from one post to anotherTransfer of officers in civil capacityRecruiting to various posts and servicesRecruiting rule amendmentsThe government is made available with guidelines on all disciplinary affairs with respect to the government employee in his civil capacity.The government employee is to be reimbursed for the judicial expenses while defending him in proceeding with the civil duties.An employee, suffering from injury, on serving the government is to be given pension under the guidelines of BPSC.The Government can approach the Commission for the advice in any matter coming under its jurisdiction.The Bihar Public Service Commission consists of a Chairperson assisted by three members to assist him in all his activities relating to the commission. The Commission is headed by the Secretary assisted by eight Officers on Special Duty. The present chairperson of the Commission is Sri K C Saha. It is mandatory for the BPSC to submit a report of its activities to the Bihar Governor annually which will make the works of the Commission impartial.  You may be also interested in APPSC ResultYou may be also interested in HPSC ResultWe have compiled data, which includes results and related data based on examinations by Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). Further, if you find any difficulty in finding your's choice of option here, shout it in comments section or mail us at love@examresulthub.comIt all takes a few minutes for us to update the same over here at Exam Result Hub. To keep updated with BPSC Results, stay subscribed.Like us on Facebook to receive instant updates.Website: www.bpsc.bih.nic.inIncoming search terms: bpsc result, bpsc mains result,

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